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Case of 25

Here is why

I have read many reports that other tests fail due to not enough saliva in the test.

This product has a (COP PROOF) volume indicator to let you know it is ready to test.   Once ready place inside the container, it does the rest, PASS or FAIL.   It has 100% tamper proof system with saliva held in airtight chamber for confirmation. (if needed)   Ability to test for up to 12 drugs   Eliminates need for same sex testing.

The Governor has signed ACT 361 Arkansas DWI LAW

As a Law Enforcement Officer I am excited to be able to test drivers that are impaired. Not only for alcohol but drugs too. This test can be used as a pretest for probable cause, then sent off to a lab for results for court. A second way is to have the suspect submit to urine or blood test (in a controlled environment) to confirm the test at that state crime lab.  We currently have a problem with impaired drivers on prescription medication, or illegal drugs, alone or mixed with alcohol.

This will help keep our roads safe.

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You can’t beat the Oral fluid test