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FOR FORENSIC USE ONLY“forensic use only” only to be sold to agencies, such as prisons, sheriffs’ departments ,parole, probation or drug courts. Not to be sold or distributed to facilities such as hospitals,or pain clinics.   You can’t beat an oral fluid test! Premier Biotech- Product Catalog Nov 2012(1)

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5 thoughts on “Product Information 479-629-4986”

  1. Thanks, I really want to show everyone how this works for the safety of Arkansas Drivers. All we have to do is add saliva to the blood, breath, and urine, for the Arkansas DWI Law.

  2. Deputy Marx- For as hard as you work to get junk off the street, a number of companies are marketing and supplying folks with means to get around/pass standard urine drug tests. Check out the website I found-…

    Hooray for a saliva test that can accomplish testing with handling urine!!!!
    I have encouraged our college to take a look at your product to see how we can use it in Maryland. Keep up the fight

  3. Thanks, we will always have someone trying to beat the system. To date there is not a way to beat the saliva test as long as the person giving the test makes sure that they do the 10 minute observation period. They must not have anything in the mouth and can not eat or drink anything for the 10 minutes. Then give the test and get the results.

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